Friday, May 1, 2009

school carnival

christina and i took the kids to zena's school fair today. they had lots of fun. i was so glad the weather was nice. last year it was so hot we were miserable. this year it was perfect. dahlia is too young to play any of the games so she hung out with me and watched. mason and zena played together the whole time. there were lots of game booths including catapult the frog and tic tac toe bean bag toss. the kids play for stamps on a card and then turn the cards in for prizes at the end. we skipped the line to cash in our prizes and bought mason and zena each a book at the bookstore instead. the line was soooo long and we were exhausted. they also had a large blow up obstacle course that they loved. it was cute to see mason join in. he is usually afraid of the large blow up bounce houses and obstacle courses.

after the fair we went to chili's for dinner. it was so good. we were starving. i had a huge salad and we all shared some onion rings. mmmm. poor mason was so tired. he was trying to sleep in his chair at the restaurant. of course they both fell asleep on the car ride home.

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