Monday, May 18, 2009

day with bodhi

jen, ray and bodhi came over yesterday and stayed the night. we had a great evening. we enjoyed a yummy dinner outside and then were shocked by all the kids going to bed at a decent hour letting us watch a movie! i loved it.

this morning jen left to go see the ellen degeneres show with her girlfriends. ray and bodhi stayed and spent the day with us. it was a beautiful day. so sunny and warm. we were feeling very lazy of course so we just hung out at the house. the kids played in the pool and we sat in beach chairs sipping iced tea. it was perfect. bodhi loved the pool. he was swimming way more than my kids were. dahlia seemed to prefer lounging by the pool rather than getting in. such a girl. ray and i were talking about a summer trip. so far we don't have any plans. i don't think there will be a river trip this year. it would be so nice to get away for a little while. maybe the vacation fairy will plan and pay for something for us.

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