Monday, August 17, 2009

camping day

we are too broke to take a vacation this year so we decided to camp at home instead. we set up the tent in the backyard on saturday morning. christina, zena, jen, ray and bodhi all came over to camp with us. we had such a fun day. the kids spent the day swimming and running in and out of the tent. they loved the tent. we stayed outside all day. grilling dinner and then playing cards. of course no camping trip would be complete without smores. they were yummy, but very sweet. i tried to have dahlia and mason sleep in the tent when it was time for bed, but dahlia woke up screaming and mason never fell asleep. he just cried. so around 11 pm, (way too late for my kids) we changed plans and moved inside to a comfy bed. christina and zena were the only brave ones who actually slept all night in the tent. go campers. jen, ray, and bodhi didn't even try. they knew bodhi would not sleep there.

yesterday the kids went on a little nature walk and then it was time to clean up camp. mason was sad to see the tent go down. i think we might do this again this summer and keep it up for 2 nights. i was glad we had the house nearby though. i never would have got any sleep. maybe next year we could do some real camping.

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