Friday, August 21, 2009


i probably should have mentioned by now that miles and i are expecting our third baby. yikes. i was reluctant to tell the world until we were done with all the genetic testing and i was safely in my 2nd trimester. it is official now. we are having another baby. it is a boy. the baby should be here sometime around december 11th.

we have been doing a little baby prep around the house this week and we moved the crib into our room. i just finished washing the sheets and ironing the bed skirt. it looks so cute. i think i got my first tinge of excitement looking at the empty crib and imagining a baby sleeping in there. most of this time i have been in a state of panic that i will never be able to take care of three little ones. i am sure the closer i get to my due date the more excited i will be. three kids. oh my.


Stephanie Lyn said...

I think you are addicted to having babies! You are such an amazing mom- I wouldn't worry too much. You'll be fine (says the woman with 0 children) Congrats to you both!

Marisa said...

Whoa, Sherry, this is HUGE!!! Best news ever. Congrats!! So awesome. Wow. Hope you are feeling super.