Thursday, August 20, 2009

painting ceramics

christina and i took our kids to color me mine last week. it is one of those stores where you pick out a ceramic piece and paint it there. they will then fire it for you and you can pick it up the next week. the kids really had fun. they all picked their own piece to paint. mason of course picked a train. zena picked a mermaid and dahlia picked out a starfish.

it was a little expensive. they charge $5.00 per kid to paint plus the cost of the ceramic. they were all about $20.00. so it ended up being around $50.00 for my two kids to paint. not exactly in our budget but oh well. we picked up the finished pieces yesterday and they look great. i am surprised how dark they got. i would definitely do it again. it would be a cute thing to do for a mothers day gift, or birthday gift for grandma.

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