Friday, April 30, 2010

6 months

connor is now 6 months old. he is 13.5 pounds. time is really going by much too quickly. i can't believe half a year has gone by. the other kids have really taken an interest in connor lately. mornings are fun around here because we all end up sitting on the big bed reading a story or playing around. mason and dahlia argue over who gets to sit next to baby connor. this eventually ends in a big tickle fight. they get such a kick out of making connor laugh.

all the kids have been taking turns getting sick this week so we are laying low and trying to relax. it is nice to have some time at home and not running all around town. i am getting a little restless though. i am not very good at sitting around. i guess that is a good thing with three little ones. time to start planning more stuff.

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