Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day

there have been so many fun earth day celebrations this year. we have attended three. two of them were at the store anthropologie and the third was at the los angeles zoo. on saturday christina and i took the kids to a potting event at anthropologie in newport beach. it was great. they got to draw a sunflower from the roots on up to the petals while a woman explained all the parts of the flower and the purpose they serve. when they were done with their drawing they were given a biodegradable container to fill with dirt and plant a sunflower seed. the kids loved it.

dahlia missed out on the first potting event because she fell asleep in her stroller. i thought it was so much fun we decided to go to another anthropologie event in santa monica. this one was a little different. the kids got to pick a terra cotta pot or empty can and then decorate it. there was a table filled with beads, canvas, burlap, bottle caps, and different colored string and yarn. everyone decorated their pots and then were able to fill them with dirt and pick a plant to put in it. it was so nice. both of these events were free and the kids were so excited about their new plants.

the los angeles zoo event was just ok. there were lots of booths set up with different activites for the kids and information about protecting animals. the kids collected stamps in a booklet that was turned in at the end of the day for a seed packet to plant. i am so excited to see that earth day has turned into such a cool day to learn about our beautiful planet. happy earth day to everyone.

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Anonymous said...

well, i just caught up on your post-easter activities--my, how busy!! it's nice to see the kids eager to plant stuff and watch it grow. it does require continued attention, though. i've thought about doing something like that with them, myself! glad to see you sewing so much--how do you find time? mom/granny