Saturday, April 17, 2010

roller skating

christina and i took the kids roller skating. i loved it. the moment i walked into the skating rink and heard la freak by chic i knew we were in for a fun evening. zena's school was having a family night and christina invited us to join them. we got to skate at a semi private event for only $2.00 per person. the place was called holiday skate in orange county. they have this completely classic look. i think it has not been remodeled since the eighties. mason and dahlia were a little unsteady on their feet but they loved it. the experience wouldn't be complete without playing a few video games. i don't know why, but seeing them in roller skates added at least five years to their age. you can see here that my two year old was already needing to make some phone calls from the roller rink. too funny. i can't wait to go again.

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