Thursday, June 30, 2011

cherry picking

we almost missed it this year. june is just flying by and tomorrow is the last day the cherry farm is open for picking. jen and i just had to go so today was the day. i am so glad we decided to make the long drive. the kids were so excited. i was surprised that they remembered cherry picking from last year. they even remembered that we could buy honey there. it is so funny the things that stick in their minds.

jen left baby kira at home with ray so it was just bodhi and her that met us there. we picked cherries for about an hour before we felt we had enough. connor even got to help this year. he was having a blast running around the cherry trees. mason and dahlia picked all the cherries for us. they were so good. we got almost six pounds of cherries. luckily my mom wants us to give her some. i really don't think we could eat six pounds of cherries. they were a little more expensive this year. $3.50 per pound. i think it is worth it though. they are super good and fun to pick. i think i see a cherry cake in our future.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think to put in a request for cherries!! Oh, well...maybe next year.
Linda only got some of her own cherries, from one tree (she has two up in the mountains), because the birds and squirrels got to them first! She said they picked the other tree absolutely clean!! I couldn't even find cherries in the stores this year; I guess I was too late looking. (I like to just eat them, as opposed to cooking with them.) I only discovered that I like them a few years ago--I guess it was when Linda first brought some down for Mom and me. I didn;t know what I had been missing! I think I didn't like artificial cherry flavor and was unaware of the tremendous difference!
Loe you all and miss you very much. We must get together soon.