Thursday, June 2, 2011

kira at disney

i took the kids and met jen, ray, bodhi and kira at disneyland today. it was kira's first trip to disney. our passes are going to be blocked for the summer so it was one of the last times we could go. it was pretty crowded but we had a great time. mason was very excited to have ray come with us. he got to go on the pirates ride. we don't usually go on that ride because the little kids are afraid of it.

kira seemed to have fun. she was pretty good. it is hard to manage an infant at disney. we didn't stay late. mason was sad to go home. he wanted to go on the nemo ride (i did too). however, it is a school night so i was responsible took us home early. boo.

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Anonymous said...

Strange that the little kids don't like the Pirates ride. No telling what goes through their heads....I took Miles on that one when it was very new and he wasn't yet born. I was put in the very front seat because I was so big in front! I got all the water spray that way.... They stopped letting pregnant women ride at some point; I may have been the first and last!
I always liked that one because it was cool (that and Small World). Love, Granny