Thursday, June 16, 2011

last day of school

yay. mason had his last day of school today. i actually got a little sad. i cried three times. having school end is such a big moment. his teacher was so sweet. she told me that when mason handed her the card he painted for her he said "i made this for you. i love you mrs. cruce." she said she had to look away because she was starting to tear up. oh my gosh. what a mush head my little boy is. i love it. he is just too sweet.

i love his teacher. i am so happy that he will be in her class again next year. i would have been even more sad today if mason wasn't going to be repeating kindergarten. we have decided to hold him back and i am relieved. i don't think he was quite ready for kindergarten when we started him. i think it would be really hard on him to push ahead to first grade. his teacher said that he is really smart but she feels he is immature and a little young. she thinks he would benefit from another year in kindergarten. i agree. so it is settled. he will be in her kindergarten class again next year. hurray.

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