Sunday, June 19, 2011

fathers day

we hosted a small get together at our house for fathers day. i wasn't very organized for this one. i kept forgetting important things like putting out glasses and having napkins and plates ready. i was a bit of a mess. ooops. things have been so busy around here that there wasn't much time to prepare.

i had a lemon theme this time. we set up a lemonade stand for the kids to sell lemonade. so cute. they got a big kick out of all the quarters they were earning. mason proclaimed that he was very rich and was going to buy a lego set with all his money. so funny. i decorated the house with bowls of lemons and yellow tablecloths. i hung white and yellow balloons around the light fixtures. so fun and festive.

for lunch we grilled steak and i cooked some salmon inside on the stove. we had baked potatoes, green salad and corn on the cob. yummy. jen made a delicious blackberry trifle for dessert. we were also celebrating my dad's birthday so we all sang to him. it was a very fun day. i hope all the dads enjoyed it.

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