Saturday, July 2, 2011

hanging out at home

lately my favorite days are the ones that we never leave the house. the kids have so much fun just playing in the backyard and i get to hang out with them. i love it. today was just that kind of day. miles took the car in to be fixed so we had to stay home. the kids had fun playing on the swings and swimming in our new pool. yes, another new pool. i know i am spoiling these kids but i really could not decide which pool to get and they were both on sale so i splurged. i am so glad i did. this pool is much more shallow but has more space to move around. it also has a cool slide. i think i might like it better than the other one. we do plan on spending lots of time in our pools this summer so i think they were a good purchase. i loved watching them play today. i think it was the perfect way to start the holiday weekend.

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