Monday, July 25, 2011

we love fish

we went back to our favorite place today. the long beach aquarium. i never get sick of watching the fish swim around. the kids love playing outside in the little playground with the giant water-squirting squid sculpture.

i have a new iphone that i got yesterday so i tried out the camera on it. it takes pretty good pictures. i am still learning how to use all the features. i am so excited to have a smart phone. it looks so cool.

this is a busy week for us. we leave on sunday to go to our annual river trip. there is lots to do. tons of shopping and packing. miles is not going to the river with us this year. his job does not give him any paid vacation time so we just can't afford for him to take the week off. the kids have really been looking forward to this trip so i am going to take all three kids by myself. yikes! of course my family will be there to help but i still am a little worried.

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