Sunday, July 24, 2011

zena's mermaid party

zena turned ten this week and her mom threw her annual pool party to celebrate. it was a great party. the kids were talking about how they couldn't wait to swim at zena's party. this is the first year that i actually went in the pool with them. i usually make miles go in the pool during parties and i stay on the side holding our youngest child. now that connor is old enough to get in the pool with me i got to swim too. i pretty much was in the pool for the whole party. i loved it. i even got to take mason and dahlia down the slide. it was so fun. i was kind of hoping they would want to go down it a bunch of times but they were happier in the hot tub. they had the hot tub set to a warm bath temperature and the kids were in heaven. they insisted on swimming without their floaties. they are getting so brave. a little too brave for auntie jen whom was sure they were going to drown any moment. i was keeping a close eye on them and they were still wearing their swim vest so i wasn't really worried.

i think zena had fun at her party. she swam with us a lot and got tons of gifts. we were there for almost five hours but the kids still cried when it was time to get out of the pool. i think they could have stayed in there all night. of course they were fast asleep as soon as we got to the freeway. it was a great day. happy birthday zena.

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