Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of july

happy 4th of july. what a great weekend we had. yesterday we drove to santa monica and stayed the night with jen ray and the kids. my other sister christina also met us there with her daughter zena. it was a big group. the kids had a blast. we enjoyed yummy fish taco's for dinner and the kids watched their new favorite movie ponyo. connor is a bit obsessed with that movie lately.

today we spent at the beach. yay. i love going to the beach. we all walked there together and hung out for the day. the kids were so funny running from the waves. mason and dahlia loved playing in the ocean. connor was a little scared of the waves and preferred to build sand castles by our towels. we all took turns carrying buckets of water back to the towels for them.

when we were completely exhausted we started the walk back to jen and ray's house. for some reason the walk back always seems longer. why is that? miles and i each ended up carrying one kid. whew! after taking showers we relaxed and had hamburgers for dinner. miles and i decided not to stay for the firework show. the kids were so tired and it would be a long drive home. dahlia doesn't like the fireworks anyway. she thinks they are too loud.

after we got home we decided to drive up to the hills around our house and look at the fireworks around the city. it was fun. kind of cute to sit in the car and look at fireworks. i thought it was the perfect ending to our holiday.

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