Monday, August 15, 2011

the orange county fair

i dragged miles to the orange county fair with me and the kids this weekend. he did not want to go. i have to say i don't really blame him. it was the last weekend for the fair and we both knew it was going to be crazy crowded. i had no idea how crowded though. whew. what a mess to park the car. it took us almost an hour to get from the freeway exit into a parking spot. crazy. my sisters and their families were meeting us there. they were smart and took the bus. we decided against the bus because of all our gear including a double stroller. too much stuff.

once we got inside everything was great. we visited the animals and let the kids go on some rides. they loved the bumper cars. we also saw a cool ice sculpture display. there was kind of a long line for this but so worth it because the sculptures were very detailed and it was so hot out that walking through a large freezer felt great.

i am happy that we went but i really happy to be home and relaxing now.

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