Sunday, August 28, 2011

tie dye and granola

so what did we do on the last day of summer vacation? after eating homemade granola for breakfast we made tie dye t-shirts of course. yes, we are hippies. we had a great weekend. christina, zena, jen, ray, bodhi, and kira all came over for a sleepover. we were going to do our traditional camping in the backyard but decided against setting up the tent. nobody really wanted to sleep outside in it. last night we grilled dinner and all hung out. i was bummed that i fell asleep putting the kids to bed. i didn't even get time to hang out with the grown ups. figures.

we spent today outside swimming and painting t-shirts. we had a stencil set that the kids used to make robot, roller skate, and flower patterns. most of us used rubber bands and the spray bottles filled with fabric dye to make traditional tie dye t-shirts. this was so fun. i haven't done this since i went to camp as a kid. there was a bit of a learning curve. we were not sure how they would turn out. you really need to have the shirt wet first to create the pretty color combinations. miles was really good at this. i think his shirts turned out the best.

everyone went home at five. i am sad. tomorrow is the first day of school and i am so not ready.

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