Sunday, August 7, 2011

the river

i survived! i am so happy to say that i took all the kids to the river without miles for six nights and they did not drown or get severely injured. whew! i was really worried about being the only parent responsible for three little kids while camping next to a running river. luckily i had lots of help from all my family members.

this had to be the most exhausting vacation i have ever had. i still have not fully recovered. i am so glad i went though. the kids really love it there. so do i.

of course the river trip would not be complete without something breaking and a little drama. this year our boat almost sank! my dad took the kids, christina, jon, the dog, and me on a boat ride down river and the boat started to overheat. luckily my dad decided to quickly get us to shore. the rubber cover for the exhaust had melted off and the boat was quickly filling up with water. it was super lucky that we happened to be right next to a boat ramp. my brother, dad and i pushed the boat to the boat ramp and then we flagged down my brothers friends passing by on their sea-doo's to rescue us. i was so shocked at how quickly the boat filled up with water. we had to bail out the water with buckets to keep it from going under. i just never thought a boat could sink so easily. thank goodness everything worked out and everyone was safe. the kids thought this was all such a great adventure. they got a ride on a sea-doo back to camp. so exciting.

the rest of the week was spent riding sea-doo's, digging in the sand, fishing, swimming, and lots of relaxing. my dad and brothers fixed the boat by friday, just in time to take everyone across the river to the pizza place. the kids really loved going on a boat ride.

i was so ready to go home yesterday. it was a long week without miles. we all missed him and the kids were super excited to be home.

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