Thursday, August 9, 2012

concert in the park

today we went to orange county to swim and have a picnic in the park. jen picked up zena from my mom's house so she could go swimming with us. it was super hot out today and we couldn't wait to jump in the cool water for a refreshing swim. i was so disappointed when we got in the pool and realized that someone had left the heater on way too long and the water felt like a warm bath. it was not refreshing at all. we still swam for a while and the kids didn't mind because they usually get too cold swimming anyway.

after we were done swimming we got dressed and went to rubio's to get some takeout to bring to the park. tri city park near my parents house has bands play on thursdays during the summer. today they had a steel drums band that played caribbean music. it was so fun. my mom and sister christina met us there. we spread out the blankets and food and relaxed while we listened to the music. the kids spent the whole time spinning around and dancing. they loved running around on the grass. it was a great day for a picnic.

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