Sunday, August 5, 2012

orange county fair

i took mason and dahlia to the orange county fair today. poor connor stayed home with daddy. he is really too little to ride most of the rides there and i knew it would be difficult to bring him. still i felt super guilty when he kept saying over and over that he wanted to go with me. he got to spend the day with his daddy so that is not so bad.

i met christina, zena, susan, doug, jen, and bodhi there. it turned out good that connor stayed home because the kids were really into riding the rides this time. they went on the bumper cars, mazes, tiny roller coasters, and a little train. they also had fun making leather bracelets with their name on it that they got to stamp with a design and pick colors for it to be dyed. they loved it. i remember making one just like it in girl scouts when i was little.

we also looked at all the animals and got plenty of sweets including cotton candy and an icee. it was very hot and i was happy when it was time to go. we didn't stay too late. i left there around 3:30. we had a long drive home and granny was coming to visit for the night so we wanted to spend time with her.

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