Wednesday, August 8, 2012

pet for a day

the kids found this adorable baby lizard in the backyard and called me out to see it. it was so cute. super tiny. when mason went to touch it to our surprise the lizard ran up mason's arm. it was so sweet. they immediately wanted to keep the lizard as a pet and named it lily. i was shocked that the lizard didn't try to run away. all three kids would hold it and touch it. it would just climb slowly on their shirts and around their hands. even connor was holding it.

i am bummed i only got pictures of mason holding the lizard. my camera battery died. they really wanted to keep her and i went online to see what we would need for a pet lizard. i was thinking we could just keep her for a little bit. at the end of the day though they let lily go. they were worried that her mom would miss her. this was really the best thing to do. i don't have any idea how to care for a lizard. i have such sweet kids. they all kept talking about how much they miss her and how they hope to see her again.

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