Monday, August 13, 2012

jen's birthday at the beach

what a fun weekend we had. we went to santa monica to celebrate jen's birthday. we showed up on saturday night and had a sleepover. jen and ray made fish tacos with mango salsa for dinner and i baked a chocolate cake. we didn't end up eating the cake on saturday. we were worried it was too late to give the kids sugar. we waited and had chocolate cake for breakfast on sunday. that is my favorite time to eat chocolate cake, with my morning coffee.

after breakfast we all got ready and went to the beach. it was a nice walk. it has been crazy hot lately so it was perfect at the beach. it was super crowded. the waves were huge. in fact the surf was so strong that i was really worried about the kids playing in it. miles was more worried than i was and insisted that dahlia and mason get out and play on the sand by our towels. i stayed by the water with connor. he is not as crazy as the other two and had me hold him or his hand the whole time. still, sometimes i felt like the wave would just knock me down. it was crazy.

we stayed until the kids got cranky and then went back to jen and ray's for bathes, dinner, and more dessert. we stayed pretty late for us and all the kids fell fast asleep during the car ride home. happy birthday sister. thanks for letting us share it with you.

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