Friday, October 5, 2012

mason is seven

mason turned seven today. seven! what? how is that possible? we had a great day. dahlia is still sick though so she stayed home from school with me. we all went together to pick mason up from school. we surprised him with his favorite croissants from portos. he loves their croissants. they are really good.

it was nice that it was friday so mason didn't have to do any homework. that would be a drag on his birthday. we carved our pumpkin while we waited for miles to get home from work. the kids couldn't wait for halloween to carve it so i decided it would be a fun thing to do. miles was nice and came home early so we could all have dinner together. we made tacos and then all sang happy birthday. i got some little desserts from portos including a chololate cupcake for mason.

we gave him a star wars lego x-wing that he could not wait to start building. he is still really into legos. we ended the evening with our family movie night watching star wars. it was super fun. happy birthday mason. i love you one hundred.

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