Sunday, December 9, 2012

christmas recital

dahlia was in her very first dance recital this weekend. oh my gosh. she was crazy cute. i was so proud of her. she did great. i was so nervous for her but she didn't get scared up on stage at all.

her dance studio puts on a christmas recital every year and i signed dahlia up. it is an extra class that you take for eight weeks on saturdays to learn the routine. she was in the youngest group of girls. she did a tap performance to a song called christmas in the ocean. all the little girls were just adorable and i was beaming to have her up there.

she did get sad before and after the performance while she had to wait in the back with the teacher. they called me back there to sit with her. she was crying because she missed me. i think at the next recital i will volunteer as a stage mom so i can be back there the whole time. they did two performances and it ended up being a long day for her. she was great on stage though. she did her routine and was just beautiful. most of my family came to see her. it was so fun to have everyone there.

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