Sunday, December 2, 2012


we are making big changes here at our house. yay! we have finally decided that the kids have outgrown their current bedroom and we need to move the boys into their own room. all three of them have been sharing the smallest room in the house. our plan is for dahlia to keep the small bedroom for herself. we are going to convert the bedroom next to it that we use as a tv room into the boys room. then we will move the tv into our living room that really doesn't get used much.

we are so excited about this idea. we ordered bunk beds for the boys room. they should be here soon so miles started painting this weekend. he painted dahlia's room pink. it looks so cute. dahlia was a great helper. now we will have to find her a bed. she is so excited to get her own room.

the next step will be to paint the boys room blue and move their dressers in there. we also have to get rid of a set of couches and miles is talking about buying a bigger tv. i am so excited about the change. we have been talking about how to give the boys their own room and i am so happy to see us finally making a decision.

i plan on posting pictures of the before and after when we finally get it done.

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