Wednesday, December 26, 2012

merry christmas

this christmas was a blur. i am sick. i somehow got a terrible cold. i ended up missing church and miles' family christmas party on christmas eve. after five glorious hours of sleep i got up on christmas morning feeling much better.

the kids woke us up at nine am and were so excited. santa brought connor a tricycle, dahlia a baby changing table, and mason a tie fighter lego set. we opened up some more gifts and got to spend a little time playing together before it was time to go to christina's house.

christmas at christina's was very relaxed this year. she served italian food. we left for a bit to stop by our friend rebecca's house. it was nice to say hi to friends on christmas.

the kids had fun playing with their cousins all day and enjoying their new toys. miles spent most of the time building lego sets with mason and connor. i didn't take very many pictures. i didn't even get one of dahlia in her pretty christmas dress. ugh. despite my disappointment at being sick for christmas i had a nice holiday and am happy to finally be able to rest.

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