Saturday, December 1, 2012

the circus

the circus came to our town. what? how crazy is that. this is the first year ever that we had a circus come to our town. the kids and i were so excited. how fun! a circus! we passed by it every day while i picked up mason from school and dahlia would ask when we were going to the circus. of course we waited until the final weekend it was here to go see it. christina and zena went with us.

honestly it was not what i was expecting. they didn't have an elephant. they had llamas and camels and little dogs. i am not sure why i was expecting them to have an elephant but i was really bummed that they didn't. this was more of a low budget circus. that fact made it fascinating and at the same time kind of sad. i kept thinking about the circus family that ran the show and traveled from town to town. how weird. what a strange life they must have. anyway, the show was ok. it was super expensive for what it was. adults were $25.00 but the kids were free with a coupon. free that is until they wanted a $5.00 popcorn, balloon, cotton candy, and light up wand. the kids loved it. they thought it was the best thing ever. miles and i were kind of saying never again but i bet if it comes to town next year you will see us there. the dog act was very cute.

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