Saturday, July 27, 2013

beach house

my girlfriend rebecca had a beach party at her house in seal beach. it was just for the grownups so i had a really great time. she is renting the nicest place right on the beach. the picture above is the view from her balcony. it looks like such a fun place to live. i would love to be that close to the ocean and have the sounds of the waves lure me to sleep. ahh. so relaxing.

the party was just for the girls so there was lots of wine and yummy snacks. she had a tarot cards reader there and we all got our fortunes told. that was fun. it has been a while since i had my cards read. she said lots of money was coming my way so let's hope she is right.

miles was nice and watched the kids all day for me. i didn't get home until 8 pm. christina was at the party and we hung out the whole time. we went for a walk on the beach with zena after most of guests left. it was beautiful.

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