Sunday, July 21, 2013


we went to a super fun birthday party this morning. it was at this place called scooters jungle. it was one of those indoor party places with a huge blow up slide and bounce houses. they also had a zip line and air hockey. it was so cool. the nice part about it was that the whole place was reserved for the private party. i didn't have to worry about the kids getting lost or taken. i could let them run around and play.

connor loved the big slide. he was happy to go on that the whole time. i went on it a bunch of times too. it was super fun. dahlia and mason both liked the zip line and the air hockey. they loved the big slide too. it was a really great place to throw a party. i would consider having our parties there but it was really far from our house. it was over an hour drive. i wish they had one close to us.

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