Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pretend city

we had a fun outing today. i took the kids to pretend city. it is a kids museum that looks like a little city with shopping places, restaurant, theater, police station, doctors office, art studio and tons more. it has been a while since we have been there. we of course got discounted tickets. jen went with her kids,one of bodhi's friend, and his mom. we also met christina, zena, and my mom there. we had a huge crowd.

we ended up splitting up because the kids wanted to go to different parts. mason and connor loved the fishing pools, and dahlia wanted to go to the farm. christina took dahlia and i stayed with the boys. they were so cute and dressed up at all the stations. it was super crowded but we stayed until they were closing.

after pretend city we drove over to the irvine spectrum and had dinner at corner bakery. it was so fun to go out. the kids were pretty good too. they didn't even mind the super long drive home.

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