Sunday, July 14, 2013

river trip

we just got home from another fun filled river trip. i am always sad to come home. the week goes by so fast. i love to just sit in the sun and play in the water with the kids all day. our trip this year was also cut short by one day because miles had to work on sunday. we didn't get there until monday evening. at least miles got to go with us though. we were not sure if he was going to get the time off or not. i would have been so sad to go without him.

it was a nice trip. nothing went wrong this year. i did run out of gas while driving the sea-doo with dahlia and had to be towed back to camp but that was it. no drama. hurray. we were pretty relaxed this year. we spent our days sitting by the water, going on boat rides, and swimming. the evenings were all about cooking outside, playing board games, and staring at the stars. miles brought a movie projector and the kids got to watch movies projected on the side of the motorhome.

dahlia and mason were in the water with me all day long. they loved it. connor was funny. he would come out of the trailer and play in the water for a little bit and then say he wanted to go back inside. he must take after miles. miles was in the trailer for most of day. i don't think i saw him play in the water at all. connor did like to come out once the day started to cool off and then he would practice fishing.

the weather was very mild this year. it is usually scorching but this year was great. on thursday morning it rained for a bit. after the rain stopped the river was so calm and still. it was gorgeous. i really loved the trip. it is nice to feel connected to nature again. i want to keep that feeling with me always.

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