Monday, August 5, 2013

beach day

it is the last week of summer break for us and i refuse to sit home. today we had a great day. we went to jen's house in santa monica and then drove over to the beach. we could have walked but with all the beach gear i think it is worth the $8.00 parking fee to just park as close to the sand as possible.

the kids were so funny. they were on a mission to gather as much seaweed as possible. they had a huge pile. they would get so excited every time they found another piece to add to their collection.

the beach was not crowded at all so it was a nice day to be there. when the kids got too cold from the water we went back to our towels to warm up on the sand. they literally rolled around in the sand to get warm. so funny. mason was stuffing sand down his shorts. gross. dahlia and bodhi had a sand tea party. dahlia was making delicious sand cookies. delicious.

when we were completely exhausted we went back to jen's house for bathes and dinner. a perfect summer day.

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