Tuesday, August 6, 2013

summer bucket list

my sister christina had a good idea before school got out to make a summer bucket list. a list of all the fun things we wanted to do this summer. well, here we are with only six days before school starts and i have a whole list of unfinished things. how sad. i think i will have to extend the summer list until the end of the season. even if school has started it still is summer. right?

one of the items on the list was a picnic in the tree house. so today we did just that!

here is the list i made:

1. sew puppet theater
2. go to the movies - see monster university - done
3. go swimming at christina's - done
4. go to the river - done
5. go to sea world
6. read 5 books - have 4 done
7. go for a walk to the top of our street
8. explore the neighborhood on foot
9. teach mason and dahlia to play basketball
10. make a lemon pie
11. go cherry picking - done
12. have a picnic in the tree house - done
13. go to the beach - done
14. go to the aquarium
15. go the natural history museum - done
16. go to pretend city - done
17. paint my toenails - done
18. read a chapter book to the kids - in progress
19. build a sand castle - done
20. sew a summer blanket
21. buy a popsicle maker
22. make sorbet
23. eat sushi
24. grill pizza outside

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