Saturday, August 3, 2013

swim party

today was fun and also a little sad. we went to a swim party at my friend's dad's house. we have been to lots of pool parties there and they are always so fun. he has just sold his house though so this was the last pool party. how sad. he really does have the best backyard for entertaining. a giant pool with slide, an outdoor kitchen area with a sink, grill, and bar. not to mention the company is always so nice and fun.

the slide going into the pool is definitely the favorite part though. we must have gone down that side at least ten times each. the kids loved it. i loved it too. i was happy to go with them. the kids and i were in the pool the whole time. we stayed pretty late and had some dinner. then it was time to say goodbye. sigh. i am going to miss that house.

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