Tuesday, August 13, 2013

school starts

mason and dahlia started school yesterday. dahlia was so cute and put on her easter dress for the occasion. she was very excited and looked adorable. she has the same teacher that mason had when he was in kindergarten. i am so happy to have her again. she is really an amazing teacher. dahlia loved her first day and today as well.

mason hates new things and had a complete meltdown while we were walking to school. he did cheer up a bit to find that two of his favorite friends are in the same class with him. it is nice that they will all be together. he would not let me take a photo of him yesterday so his picture is from today. he was much better this morning and we managed to get him off to school without any tears.

the two separate pick up times is really awful so i am completely exhausted by time we get home. this will only get worse i fear in the next few weeks when connor starts school. we also will be starting our after school activites. ugh. i am tired just thinking about it.

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