Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween

trick-or-treat. what a fun night we had! we took the kids out trick-or-treating here around our own neighborhood. we have never done that before. it was so fun. miles even got to join in the fun. we usually go to orange county to trick-or-treat and miles works so he misses out. this year we didn't want to stay out too late so we decided to try going around our own neighborhood. it was so sweet to have our little family all together for the holiday.

we were going to walk the whole way but we ended up getting the car and parking it at the bottom of the hill. this came about after walking down the hill and having dahlia already complain about her shoes. we knew we did not want to carry all the kids up the hill once we were done and exhausted so miles went and got the car. this proved to be a marvelous idea because we were all super tired once we made it back there.

dahlia dressed up as jasmine from aladdin, connor was spiderman, and mason was commander cody. they loved walking around the neighborhood and it was fun to run into people we knew from school. our neighborhood has lots of hills with houses full of stairs to the front door so there was quite a lot of walking in between each house. that was fine with me. the kids got plenty of treats. it also meant that the kids got tired really quick. they were happy to go home after only an hour of trick-or-treating. they wanted to sort and sample the sweets. poor connor was actually falling asleep on the way to the car. i love that we are starting to make our own traditions together. it is so nice for the whole family to enjoy these moments.

happy halloween. there is still time for miles and i to watch a scary movie.

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