Monday, April 14, 2008

the happiest place

we had such a fun weekend. saturday i left mason with miles and went shopping with my sisters. it was so nice to shop with only one kid. dahlia was so good. i got to try on clothes! it was pure bliss. i bought five shirts for myself. i also got some bath products and a some clothes for the kids. i bought the cutest swimsuit for dahlia. i can't wait to put her in the little portable pool in our yard. jen left bodhi with ray so it was just the girls this time. so fun.

sunday christina and i took our kids to disneyland. it was dahlia's first trip there. it was so hot out. i think it got up to 95 degrees. good lord. we didn't get on too many rides. we went on monsters inc. and the caterpillar ride. we also watched the muppet 3d show to get in the air conditioning. mason screamed the whole time so my sister took him outside. dahlia didn't do much better so i threw a blanket over us and breastfed her during the show. i think they make the sound on the shows and rides way too loud. do they think we are all deaf? we let mason and zena run around in the water in bugs land. they got so soaked. it was funny. at four o'clock we decided to leave. we were all so tired and hot. thank goodness for annual passes. i never feel bad about leaving after 3 or 4 rides.

after disneyland we went to my mom and dad's house. jen and ray brought bodhi over. miles drove down to meet us and all my brothers and sisters came over. we grilled dinner. it was so fun. we had a feast. it was like a birthday party without the cake and presents. i really love that my family is so close. i love to hang out with my parents and siblings. it is so fun to have a big family.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid there was a shetland pony track about eight blocks down the street from our house; rides were a quarter (as opposed to the city bus which was a nickel) but we still only got to go there maybe three or four times in one summer, maybe two rides each time. How times have changed! (Granny)

sherry said...

i know. my children are spoiled. when i was a kid going to disney was a special treat. not a weekly event.