Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pizza time

yesterday my mom, sister, and i took the kids to the pizza place with all the games for children. it was fun. mason had a blast. he wanted to play everything. he was running around like a crazy child. it was really cute to watch mason and zena drive the big fake truck. so funny. it was all great until it was time to leave. he screamed so loud it was a scene.

he was really into the games with guns. what is it with little boys and guns? he only has squirt guns at home to play with. it is not like he has a whole collection of fire arms we let him use. i don't understand why it is so fun to play the "shoot them up" games. i guess i am just being a paranoid mom, thinking that if he plays with fake guns he will end up in a gang firing real ones. crazy, i know.

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