Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the park

we went to visit my mom and sister again. our tuesday visit. jen and bodhi met us there at the mall. we tried to shop. bodhi and mason were not in the mood to shop. i did manage to get mason a pair of summer shoes, and return 2 of the shirts i bought for myself at a previous shopping trip.

we left after a couple of hours and met christina and zena. we all walked to the park from my mom's house. i loved walking around the park. it is so pretty. they have a small pond that is just beautiful. i wish there was a cute park near me. i would love to take the kids everyday for a walk. mostly because i need the exercise, but also because they love to be outside and i get bored sitting in our yard. dahlia and bodhi both fell asleep. it was so nice to talk to my sisters while zena and mason played on the swings.

it really feels like summer now. i can't wait for all the fun summer activities. now i get need to get my body in shape for a bikini. ugh.


Anonymous said...

What's with the park below your back yard? I mean, it's certainly close, is it crowded with college kids?

sherry said...

i don't like that park. there are no ponds with ducks and fish. the landscaping is just ok. it is not very pretty. there is nothing wrong with it, it is just not very appealing.