Monday, April 7, 2008

granny visits

we had a fun weekend. granny came to visit on friday and stayed the night. she will be visiting more often now that miles' grandma charlotte is living with his aunt. she used to have to take care of grandma charlotte and didn't get to visit much. we had a fabulous dinner of salmon with lentils. i also made a lemon cake for dessert. yum.

on saturday we went to a birthday party for miles' cousins son. he was turning one year old. so cute. he has just learned to walk. mason had so much fun. they have a ton of toys. he was in heaven. it is funny though, he plays by himself for the most part. he doesn't interact much with the other kids. dahlia was a big hit. everybody thought she was adorable. we were so tired when we got home. we just chilled on the sofa. so nice.

sunday we went to visit jen and ray and bodhi. this turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. mason cried the whole time. he did fall asleep for an hour or two, but then started screaming again when we woke him up. we had to leave right after dinner. ugh. i was worried that he was getting sick again, but no. he was just exhausted. he fell asleep again on the way home. i am actually glad it is monday. the weekend was a bit exhausting.

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