Thursday, September 3, 2009

the fan

miles installed this fan in our tv room at the beginning of summer. we made a pact that we would not run the air conditioner this year so we could save some money. we have been sweating all summer. the fan is really nice and we run it all the time. we had installed two other fans last year in our kitchen and bedroom so the rooms that get the most use in the house now have one. i am happy to report that all our sweating has paid off. we were able to cut our electricity bill in half from what we paid last year at this time. i was so excited.

of course right after i wrote this post all the hills around us caught on fire and we had to close the windows to keep the smoke out. we ended up running the air conditioner on and off for about four days. man, i hope our next bill isn't too much more. i was liking saving some money.

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