Saturday, September 26, 2009

birthday sign for mason

i made this colorful birthday sign for mason's upcoming party next week. i had to make one for mason because i already made one for dahlia last year and i didn't want him to be left out. that of course means i will be sewing a third one next year but i will worry about that later.

i actually like the way this one turned out a little better than the one i made for dahlia. the colors are so fun and happy. i hand sewed the letters on and then machine stitched the rest. i made little pockets that are all joined together with double fold bias at the top. it was easy. i also love that i can reuse this sign year after year. i hate to spend $5.00 on a cardboard sign every year that just ends up in the trash.

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Stephanie Lyn said...

Your pennant banners are so adorable! They totally add a whimsical feel to the party.