Thursday, September 17, 2009

birthday party for miles

today is miles birthday. we of course celebrated by going to disneyland with the kids. we were taking advantage of the free admission on your birthday deal and upgraded miles ticket to an annual pass. he doesn't go as much as i do with the kids but i am able to drag him there enough times to make the pass worth it. after disney we met my sister and brother for dinner. i think it was a fun day. i hope miles enjoyed it.

we had a miles official birthday party this last sunday. the whole family came over for a grilled dinner and cake. it was so fun. we made steak and baked potatoes. the largest baked potatoes i have ever seen. miles was so happy to have a "man's meal." maybe i make too many salads for dinner. after dinner we had cake and ice cream while miles opened his gifts. it was so fun to have the whole family over. i can't wait for them to all come back for mason's birthday.

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