Tuesday, September 29, 2009

stuck at home

the kids have a cold so we have been staying home for the last four days. ugh. i get so bored not leaving the house. i still let them play outside, but i am not taking them to visit anyone. they are going a bit stir crazy also.

so i have been using this time to clean and organize the house. i went through all the baby clothes. yay. there is a huge bin of hand-me-downs ready for the new baby. i am so happy i don't have to spend money on new clothes for him. i also organized the kids room. we did a little rearranging of the furniture a while back. we moved the crib into our room and upgraded mason's toddler bed to a twin. he is in a big boy bed now. i would say he sleeps in it for about half the night before waking and running to our bed. not bad. an improvement over the toddler bed which was never used.

i am posting before and after pictures of the room. it is no longer a baby room. so sad. it is now a kid room. the only thing i don't know what to do about is the rug. the room looks so much bigger without it and it is much easier to clean the floors, but i think the rug was so cute. the rug is pretty dirty so i am going to try to steam it before i decide if i want to put it back. and i can't wait to do something about that white duvet on mason's bed. he needs something fun. maybe i will get creative with it. put my bend the rules with fabric book to use.

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