Monday, November 30, 2009

1 month old

connor turned 1 month old today. that is just crazy. this month really went by so fast. connor is looking more like a newborn now. he has lost that preemie look. his face has filled out and he now weighs 6 pounds. he is eating like a champ. now if only he wasn't such a noisy sleeper. he keeps us up all night with his little grunts. i am beginning to wonder if moving the crib into our room was such a good idea.

we took all three kids in for their doctor's checkup today. it was crazy. they said it would be easier if we scheduled all three for the same day. that was so not true. they had us scheduled with 2 different doctors and a nurse. we had to split up and go into two different exam rooms and then go back in the waiting room to be called by the nurse. i was completely exhausted by time we left. i also had to schedule four more appointments. ugh. too many appointments. at least we got all the flu shots done. i really don't want the kids to get the flu.

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