Tuesday, November 3, 2009

connor day 5

today is my birthday. it was such a busy day. miles dropped me off at the hospital this morning so i could visit connor. he is doing great. he is off the iv, but they still have him under the phototherapy lamp for jaundice. they are hoping to take it off of him this evening. they will test his bilirubin level later today to see if it is low enough. if he passes that test then they will open his incubator and give him a 12 hour test. during the 12 hour test they hook him up to all kinds of monitors and see how he does in an open environment. testing his breathing, heart rate, body temperature, etc. if he passes the 12 hour test then there is a one hour car seat test to pass. during the car seat test they put him in his car seat and see if his breathing and heart rate remain stable while in the seat. if he passes this test then he can go home! oh my gosh. i am so excited. he could possibly be coming home tomorrow. the nurse seemed pretty optimistic that he could come home. hurray. she took him out of his incubator so that i could breastfeed him. it was so great to get to hold him. this is only the third time i have been allowed to hold him.

miles picked me up after an hour of visiting and then we took the other kids to disneyland. i know i am crazy. i just gave birth 4 days ago and went to disneyland. i wanted to go on my birthday so i could get my $72.00 gift card. i already have an annual pass so they give you a merchandise gift card for the value of a one day ticket. i am a sucker for a good deal. also it will most likely be a while before we all get to go to disneyland together again. i am sure i will be stuck at home with connor for a while. we didn't go for very long. mason and dahlia were so excited to be out. i think they have been feeling a bit neglected. it was fun to spend time with them.

when i got home i spent the evening washing connor's bedding and bottles. i can't believe he might be home tomorrow.

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