Monday, November 9, 2009

connor day 11

i didn't get to visit connor yesterday. miles went with his mother after dahlia's party. i watched mason and dahlia. i was glad she got to see him. it was her first time meeting him. i went this morning. all by myself. i decided that it has been a week and i am going to start driving again. the doctor's instructions said to not drive for two weeks, but i feel fine. i was so happy to drive. i don't like depending on people to take me places. i like to just go when i want to.

connor looked great today. he was so active and alert. he woke up right away for his feeding. the physical therapist fed him. she has put him on all bottle feedings today. we are all hoping that he does good with the feedings. his feeding tube is still in but they aren't using it today. they are going to do another 12 hour sleep test tonight and if he passes then he can go home tomorrow. despite my best efforts not to be, i am really excited. i know he may not come home tomorrow, but he just might and i can't help getting my hopes up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Kids--just want to thank you for this spot. It's wonderful to see what's going on with you. I was so happy to see and hold the little guy and I appreciate Sherry giving up your own time with him to let me go over there. He is indeed adorable. I hope to see him again soon, at home, and see how his brother and sister take to him.--Love and kisses, Granny