Friday, December 11, 2009

happy due date baby

today is connor's official due date. i think that is just crazy. i can't imagine still being pregnant. i pretty much knew he would be early. not as early as he was, but at least two weeks early. all of my kids were early birds. mason was three weeks early, dahlia was two weeks, and connor of course was six weeks. i actually like that they were early. as much as i love having babies, i really don't like being pregnant. i always hear stories from friends of going past their due date. oh my. i don't think i could handle that. being uncomfortable for so long.

anyway. today is his due date and he is as cute as ever. it just so happens that miles took him to get his synagis shot this morning and he weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces. wow. the little guy is gaining weight crazy fast. i wish i had more time to sit and stare at him. sometimes i stay up extra late just to have some alone time with him. this is after all my last baby. i want to enjoy every minute.

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Stephanie said...

That is very sweet - the last part. You know, he has the same birthday as my Dad.