Tuesday, December 29, 2009

snow day

we took the kids to see the snow. real snow. we drove up to big bear yesterday morning and met up with christina, zena, jen, ray, bodhi, rebecca, and riley. it was a big crowd. we had a bit of a mess deciding on an affordable (free) and fun place for them to go sledding. once we actually found a place we were thrilled to find it to be just perfect. not at all crowded. christina and rebecca brought some sleds and snow disks for everyone. we all (except for connor and me) took turns going down the small hills. connor was content to sleep next to my chest in the baby bjorn.

i wasn't sure if mason would enjoy the snow because he kept saying he didn't want to wear his snow boots and gloves and he didn't want to walk on the snow. that was all quickly forgotten when we got there and uncle ray showed him a snowball. hurray. i barely had time to get all his snow gear on him before he ran off to play.

all the kids loved going down the hills on the sled. we played for about 3 hours. i was really wishing we had a cabin to stay the night. it would have been such a fun mini vacation. we decided that we should do this again only get a cabin so we can have more snow time. i also need to get dahlia some real snow gloves. the knit mittens were soaked after a few minutes. we all thought it was a super fun day. i really can't wait to go back.

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